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I shall be working on these pages over the coming weeks so that you can buy the more bespoke and unusual things such as special oils and healing feather wands that we make and sell here at SilverMoon.
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serenity oilLovely created Aromatherapy Oil mixture both Calm and Uplift!

Specially created here at Silvermoon by our resident Aromatherapy expert.

'SERENITY' Essential Oil to Calm & Uplift!

on special offer £10.

(10ml bottle-ingredients)

 Geranium Essential Oil. A heart centred oil that helps us to heal. To promote well-being and trust in the world and in other people. To help heal deep hurts from the past and release anger.

 Bergamot Essential Oil. Again a heart centred oil that promotes self-love, self acceptance and self-worth.

Calming, fear releasing and confidence boosting.

 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. An oil to lift the mood whilst at the same time calming the senses! On a spiritual level it helps us connect to the important things in our life and is the oil of the ‘inner child’

  Petitgrain Essential Oil. A wonderful essential oil which is extracted from the fresh leaves and twigs of the orange tree. It is emotionally uplifting and balancing, soothing and relaxing. Helpful in easing panic and calming fear.


For emotional balance, Serenity Oil is best used either over the heart area or even inhaled directly from the bottle. A little put on cotton pad and worn inside the clothes and yet not directly next to the skin is a good way of connecting with its best benefits. For

general day-to-day use a few drops on a tissue in the pockets is very effective, as is a couple of drops massaged into the wrist.

(Please note in the case of nut allergies that these essential oils above are mixed with Almond Oil. If this is a problem a special bottle can be prepared for you using a plant oil instead. Please call/text us on 07837 669 997)

SilverMoon’s oils are created by a qualified Aromatherapist)



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