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gloves fluffyHand knitted Hand/arm warmers. Wool & Mix fibres  Short length approx 5 ins. Med size. One Pair only available.
code HW005
Price £9.50
(This includes postage & Packing)

These very colourful and snug Hand-warmers fit beautifully around the wrist, keeping the hands and fore-arms cosy and snug!
Knitted here at Patchwork Cat they are unique to our tiny company.

Our ethos here at Patchwork Cat is to upcycle. reuse. rescue materials and yarns and make them into beautiful and useful items. This is why there is usually only one pair of any specific item on our page.


Colours are as near to 'true' as we can make them, sometimes the screen on your phone/tablet/laptop may change them slightly.


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