Granny squares blanket from the Patchwork CatSelling to 'Friends'.

 (or selling to people who ask to buy from you personally at a lower price)

By The Patchwork Cat at 'Made in Moray'.


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Sooner or later someone local or a friend will see the beautiful stuff you create on a website (perhaps this website!) Or on your Facebook page. You will also presumably have given a list of the shops that stock your stuff to sell... but they will invariably ask

" if I buy it directly from you can I get it a bit cheaper?"

 As difficult as it is the answer has to be a resounding NO!

 If you are putting your goods in the hands of a competent business to sell forThe Patchwork Cat you, and you are paying them either commission or shelf rental to do so, then selling the same things yourself at a lower price either on a market, or directly to someone you know or someone who has approached you is, to put it bluntly ' cutting your own throat'.  it is not cheap to sell your goods through a shop whether it is by commission or shelf rental, but the money you pay can be very well spent! and in some cases it is far easier for your goods to sell through a beautiful shop by someone who is talented at marketing, than it is to sell it yourself from a market stall or a craft fair.

 Francesca spinning(from both of these, people traditionally expect things to be much cheaper!)

  Therefore if you are selling yourself as well as through another business,  you need to keep the prices uniform, in other words you need to charge the same amount as is being charged by the business/shop that you are paying to sell for you. This is fair!

 If you are led into selling things cheaper to people you know, you will be constantly bothered by people either coming to your door, phoning or emailing you trying to buy your stuff cheap! this is not good!

 As Artisans and craft workers we need to have respect for each other and for the work that we do. Much of the work we do takes far longer to complete than mass produced goods and Big knittingis unique and beautiful. it is not something knocked together to be sold off on a street market, although let me add I have no problem with this method of selling either, but simply it is almost impossible to mix the two together. besides which you're being unfair to the businesses who are also selling your goods at the higher price and who have rent and so on to pay.... and they would be quite within their rights to say to you " Sorry we have decided not to stock your goods anymore because we cannot compete with the price you are charging yourself for them" 

One answer is perhaps to have a cheaper range of goods that you can sell in other ways?  personally that seems like too much hard work to me, and I am quite delighted with the businesses that sell my goods for me, who are willing to give a try to anything new that I create, and who are making their living by helping me and others like me.

 I would not dream of undercutting them!

spinning workshop

 Getting ready for a Spinning Workshop at Johnstons of Elgin


 This is something we often fail to realise and perhaps it should be given a little more thought when you started to marketing your own goods. 

however you do it... good luck!

The Patchwork Cat.



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Francesca Green