Chi Gung at SilvermoonFree Style QigonFrancesca Green Freestyle Qigongg with Francesca Green.

Everyone seems to know what Tai Chi is, but fewer people seem to realise that there is a far easier system of exercises, based on similar movements that can have an amazing overall beneficial effect on our lifes!

During Spring 2017 I shall be offering groups in FreeStyle Qigong in Moray. Scotland. As I approach the age of 73, I want to share my knowledge for the good of others! Venue to be decided...Please bookmark this page!

Qigong has been used for generations

 in China to facilitate the movement of healing energy (chi) around the body.


It is soft gentle relaxing and graceful, anyone can do, it even in a wheelchair! 

Qigong is a discipline that helps us learn to develop and use the energy within our own bodies, and in doing so allowing the energy to flow freely without any blocksFreestyle Chi Gung with Crystal Green To allow ourselves to remain calm and balanced in ordinary everyday life.

My emphasis is on gentle (soft) Qigong for older people who have stiffness and back pain.

Tharmonyhe emphasis is on movement and breath… breath is everything..yet very few of us actually breathe to our advantage. By doing these very simple exercises on a regular basis, we may improve our lung capacity and certainly improve the flow of energy through our bodies.


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