Hopeman's Fabulous Harbour Shop!

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Arts Crafts, Exhibitions, Teas Coffees and so much more....

Visit the Art Gallery at Footprints.   

See the little shop at Footprints.

Footprints is a lovely little shop and gallery down by the marina in Hopeman.

A little jewel of a shop with lots of lovely local gifts and crafts, Quite basic and with a 'seaside' theme, where you can get a tea or coffee ...an ice cream....or even hire Footprints Hopeman Harboura bucket & spade for the day!

 also runs art exhibitions in the large room above the shop.


These exhibitions, from both well established and new artists and photographers change throughout the summer months and really are worth visiting!




The harbour Hopeman

Most of the crafts that are sold at Footprints are local to the area and include pottery, felt-work, unique jewellery, cards and art from local artisans and much more in the way of small gifts to take away!


but you really need to visit and sit outside the shop with a 'cupy' to fully experience the beauty and simplicity of this lovely place!


Take a trip out to see this lovely little shop and surrounding area! Its Magic!!


   Footprints Shop and Art Gallery. The Harbour Hopeman.

                    Opening hours: Daily from 1100 to 1700 During Summertime.

Proprietor: Carrie Hellyer.


         See the little shop at Footprints.   

Visit the Art Gallery at Footprints.
















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